NZ Ecological Society Conference

The NZ Ecological Society Conference will be held at Lincoln starting on Sunday (25th). The Conference website is here and the programme of talks can be found here. Around 250 excited ecologists will descend on Lincoln University. Some of the key note speakers are :
• Richard Hobbs, University of Western Australia – what restoration can and can’t do: opportunities and constraints in a rapidly changing world
• Trevor Worth, University of Adelaide – a palaeontological perspective on the assembly of the terrestrial vertebrate biota of New Zealand and implications in understanding the ecology of the extant biota
• Bastow Wilson, University of Otago – does ecology have any theories, and if so do they work?
• Hamish Campbell, GNS Science – geological perspectives for permanent land during the Zealandia-New Zealand transition
• Grant Norbury, Landcare Research – dryland habitat modification and succession: implications for pest ecology, impacts and damage mitigation
• John Leathwick, Department of Conservation – integrated prioritisation of the management of New Zealand’s ecosystems and threatened species
• Kerry Jayne Wilson – celebrating 50 years of ecology teaching at Lincoln with a look at her work on seabirds.

It should be a great time!

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