Big Biology Quiz 2014

On June 3rd we will be holding the annual Bio Biology Quiz at Lincoln University where Canterbury Schools compete to see who knows the most biological trivia. Home team Lincoln High School are the defending champions and will go up against the best and brightest Canterbury Year 12 biology students.

One of the set of questions this year is on information found on this blog! The answers to the 10 questions can be found in the following blog stories: ‘Cover story: Pengiuns behaving badly‘, ‘On the value of collections: pinning down the answer‘, ‘On the value of ecology‘, ‘1080: delusion and confusion‘, ‘Ecoblitzing the Southern Alps‘, and ‘Swimming, not sinking, in the Southern Alps‘.

Welcome if you are a secondary student new to this site. Just to get you going, the answer to the first question is ‘Alfred Wallace’.

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