Darwin and the Sandwalk: Pokémon Go

Darwin_and_the_Sandwalk_PokemonThere are lots of distractions in the modern world. I wonder what Darwin would have though about Pokémon Go. He may well have liked it given he was a great collector of specimens, especially beetles. Collecting the different Pokémons would have appealed.  The thrill of finding something interesting and rare.

There is also the concept of evolving your Pokémon. It’s not really evolution in that you are upgrading a population into one, better, organism. However, it can’t hurt for hundreds of millions of kids to be exposed to thoughts about evolving and change!

Having his own private walk would have been great for Darwin to collect new Pokémon and all that walking would have hatched a lot of eggs. I can just see Darwin taking on Huxley at the Pokegym at the Royal Society, “My Charmeleon is going to destroy your puny Squirtle!”.

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