2023 Alumni Survey

We’re reviewing the Conservation Ecology major of the Bachelor of Science degree. What’s working well? What could we improve? If you graduated with a Lincoln Conservation and Ecology B.Sc., we’d be keen to get your input. Thanks!

2023 B.Sc. Conservation & Ecology alumni survey
We’re interested to know why you chose to study at Lincoln.
We’re interested in what you’re up to now, whether or not it’s in a field related to conservation and ecology.
What practical skills or theoretical knowledge were you provided with that assisted you to be ready to work in the industry?
Would you recommend any changes to the practical lab and tutorial components of courses? 
Were these beneficial and good value for money?
As part of the review, we are considering the introduction of some new courses.
If you’d like, let us know your name (optional).
If you'd like, let us know your name (optional).
If you’d be happy with us getting in touch, please let us know your current email. Just leave this blank if you’d like to be anonymous.