And we’re back!

As you may have noticed EcoLincNZ has been offline for the last three months. It seems that we were victims of a nasty hack that meant that we had to migrate and rebuild the site, over Christmas and the summer break.

Jon Sullivan has been outstanding in getting virtually all of our material into the new site.

It did make us ponder about whether we wanted to continue with our research blog, after all blogs are not as popular as they once were. However, we like this format and we have developed some good teaching/learning tasks around this kind of creative writing. And hopefully, dear reader, you obtain some value from what we do.

So, EcoLincNZ is back and we look forward to providing more overviews of ecology-related research projects done by Lincoln University.


  1. Thanks Adrian. We’re back bigger and better than before, with WordPress anti-spam plugins activated to allow us to see and reply to real comments while screening out all the junk. Blogging with comments! It’s like we’ve come full circle back to the golden age of the internet. Full speed ahead for EcoLincNZ!

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